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Neo Citizens Consulting

Helping small & medium size business owners overachieve their goals is both, our commitment and our passion. We take it very personal. Our team behaves as if our bread and butter depended on your success..

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

We connect business owners and their teams with potential customers and we focus entirely on moving your business forward. We specialize in Brand Design (because everything starts with building your brand), in Website Development, in SEO (because your business needs to be found), in Social Media Management (because “social” is the real nature of the champions; in Copywriting (because you need great content) and in Email Marketing (because it is still the most effective way of converting leads into customers).

We also offer Audience Analytics (because you need to understand your customers at a high level) and even Tax Consulting (because the money you save could be reinvested on marketing).

We are also an “NC 35 Company“. It means 35% of our net profit goes to the Neo Citizens Movement, in financing socially responsible development projects, with a high impact in the fight against Extreme Poverty and the ecology of the Planet.

Our Awesome Team

Dr. Manny Tejeda

Dr. Manny Tejeda

Founder & CEO

Business consultant, an expert in Digital Marketing and the Hispanic market
Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar

Webmaster & Programmer

Expert in Computer Science and Web Design. Specialized in WordPress and WP Multisite.
Laura Cepero

Laura Cepero

Community Manager

Psychologist, marketer and an eternal lover of Social Networks.
Mercy Martell

Mercy Martell

Analytics & Tax Expert

Accountant and small business consultant. Business tax expert.

Our Values

They define who we are, and they are the fundamental beliefs of our company. They guide our actions and behavior.


Doing business and establishing relationships with integrity has always been at the center of our company commitments. Integrity defines the way we do things, wherever we are. It guides us to do the right thing for the longstanding success of our clients, partners and collaborators.

We believe in radical transparency. This means we will never charge hidden fees, we will always be upfront with what we can and cannot do, and if we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll help you understand who might be.
Positive Impact

We aim to make a positive impact through our service and relationships, voluntary contributions and the many other ways in which we engage with business partners and society at large.

What We Do Best


Social Media Management

Audience Analytics



Spanish Translations

Website Development

Email Marketing

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